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Adam Lashinsky's new book 'Inside Apple' will be released Jan. 25. Buys Manymoon for Between $25 Million and $35 Million

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HP snags Web pioneer Andreessen for board

Vidal, Eggers to receive honorary awards


Surf Canyon search company using Illinois technology, is at TechCrunch 50 Sept. 14-15th, San Francisco Design Center

Stop by the conference's closing cocktail hour hosted by Microsoft and Surf Canyon to discuss why "real-time implicit personalization" is better than static.

The University of Illinois and California based Surf Canyon have come together to commercialize the concept of “real-time implicit personalization,” which improves relevancy by re-ranking search results “on the fly” based on a user model generated from real-time selections.
With the quantity of information on the internet exploding, it’s becoming increasing difficult, if not impossible, for users to precisely express their information intent with only two- and three-word queries. Asking users to employ more keywords is problematic for a number of reasons, including demands on the effort, skill and knowledge requirements of the user.

ECE Ranks Higher in U.S. News and World Report's Annual Review

Marc Andreessen Back Rockmelt Browser Venture

Suze Orman announces grants to 10 local breast cancer organizations

Ray Ozzie in Cairo

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Andreessen and Horowitz raise $300M venture fund

Alumnus Scott Banister honored with TechFellow award at California Academy of Science

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The movie trailer for Where the Wild Things Are - co-written by our own Dave Eggers

Whrrl 2.0 adds SMS and digital camera support

Human Sixth Sense Program: First Singapore-Illinois Collaboration

Informatica snaps up Applimation for $40m

Scott Banister and Microsoft's "inner Google"

Suze Orman: 2009 is the most vital year in your financial future

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