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Office of the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement

About the West Coast Office

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement in partnership with the University of Illinois Foundation, has made a commitment to the campus’ relationships on the West Coast by creating a satellite advancement office, Illini Center West. 

We strive to:

  • advance the University’s mission

  • promote active and strategic engagement with students, alumni, friends, corporate partners, foundations, and government agencies

  • deliver a clear and consistent message about the priorities of our campus

  • achieve sustainable support of the University’s priorities

  • promote continuous growth of the communities who provide support

What is involved?



The practice of advancement begins with marketing and communication of the campus messages to our stakeholders. This information:

  • helps our audiences understand how we are executing our mission

  • explains why the case for support exists today

  • informs our constituencies about the monthly programming available for engagement through Illini Center West and our campus

  • allows us to share messages of success about our campus, alumni, corporate and other partners

Alumni Relations

We are working to build the Illinois community locally through:

  • Campus-wide events involving the President, Chancellor, Provost, or a Vice Chancellor speaking about strategic plans for the campus

  • Collaboration with a college, department, research center, or campus program, to create an event for all of their alumni in the Bay area that is relevant to both the market place and the priorities of that campus unit

  • Topical information - perhaps a current event - presented by a faculty member or distinguished alumnus, that would be of interest to a broad set of alumni, regardless of major, allowing people to learn and network among like-minded people

Corporate Relations

Many of the companies on the West Coast benefit by having our alumni in high ranking positions and thousands of our alumni in the rank and file. This affords us an opportunity to engage at multiple levels within corporations to find intersections between the goals of a company and the goals of our campus. 


Foundation Relations

Many philanthropic foundations are located on the West Coast and have intersections with our alumni who serve on their boards or are founding members. Our campus Office of Foundation Relations looks to Illini Center West for strategic connections within these foundations that will allow greater communications regarding the proposals they submit.



Brilliant Futures: The Campaign for the University of Illinois will conclude in less than a year. With a goal of $1.5 Billion for the Urbana campus, many campus units are relying on the financial support from alumni on the West Coast to help bridge the gap between unmet need for student, faculty and programmatic support and available resources. 

The population of alumni residing on the West Coast makes up the largest concentration of alumni outside of Illinois. These alumni are critical to our success. We are working on fundraising across all levels of giving; from annual giving to major and principal gifts and for all units across the entire Urbana campus.



Just as in the private sector, we measure our advancement activities for outcomes. As with any new program, we are looking at baseline numbers for all of the areas listed above and measuring the change from new programs and efforts in both the short and long term. This provides us with a road map for where to allocate more resources or re-prioritize energies as the numbers dictate. 

As is often the case in public higher education, there is no shortage of ideas that come from both internal and external sources, on how to address the advancement priorities listed above. We follow the metrics very closely as a source of direction for which of these ideas will produce the biggest impact with the limited resources we have and at the same time allow for sustainable advancement practices.