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Office of the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement

Meet the Students




Quyen Bui

Community Health; Chemistry, '11

"Illinois Promise helped me become more confident about my future through community and financial support.  It also taught me the importance of building relationships within my community. The support that I get from friends and staff has greatly impact my academic progression."





JarronJarron Farmby

Journalism and Political Science, '11

"Illinois Promise is synonymous with the word opportunity. This organization has made me, as an individual, much more focused, determined and open for not only my success, but also for the success of my peers. The dedication of students and staff alike is rarely seen in such an aspect of giving and providing mentorship. Through this scholarship, my goals of becoming an Illinois politician are approaching at a pace that would not have been foreseen without it."





April Moore

Communications, '11

"To me, I-Promise is another word for success. I have been given an opportunity, a blessing rather, to continue my education to become a first generation college graduate. Beyond that I-Promise has given me the opportunity to lay the groundwork for my future so that I can become an educated, well-rounded person,  a person that has character an promise to add to the world. After receiving my undergraduate degree in Communications I plan on attending graduate school to major in Advertising."





Samatha Pittman

Human Development and Family Studies, '10

"I-Promise was my ticket to the American dream. This scholarship group is unique because they provide the boots and assist you with pulling up  the straps. This scholarship group has become part of my family, support system, provided financial stability, and most of all encouragement. For those reasons, I promise to excel and contribute to the greater community."



Mauriell Amechi

Communications, '11

"Unlike some scholarships, Illinois Promise has been more than a source of financial support. Illinois Promise has provided me with resources to enhance my professional development, access to networking opportunities, and most importantly, a community of friends and mentors to offer emotional support. It is for these reasons that I promise to leave a legacy of excellence, hard work, leadership, resiliency, and philanthropy."